Who Are the Christadelphians?

Who are the Christadelphians?

We are a group of Bible students who meet together here in Springfield, but live in and around many of the nearby towns. We share a common love for God and a common hope in the fulfillment of His plan. We are drawn together in fellowship by a specific belief  in “the things concerning the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ.”

The Christadelphians are a world-wide religious body who have attempted to get back to the faith that was taught by Jesus and his apostles. We’re a community which is focused on rediscovering Bible truth – and on trying to practice that faith by putting it into action in our families, in our congregation, and in our neighborhoods. We try  to live lives of thankfulness in appreciation for God’s love toward us.

One thing that makes us a bit unique is that we are a lay community with no paid ministry. We count on each other to organize our  service to God, and consequently the sermons, prayers and readings are delivered by members of our congregation. We meet together regularly to worship, encourage one another, and remember the death and resurrection of Jesus by  sharing communion.  We  hope you will find our service Biblical, relevant and even a bit different.

The Memorial Service

Our primary purpose for gathering this morning is to praise God and remember His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


As our guest, we want you to feel comfortable, so here are some of the things you can expect to take place during our service.






Order of Service

  • Musical prelude
  • Opening Comments
  • Hymn
  • Opening Prayer
  • Announcements
  • Scripture Reading
  • Exhortation (Sermon)
  • Communion
  • Prayer for the bread
  • Prayer for the Wine
  • Hymn
  • Voluntary Collection
  • Closing Prayer
  • Musical postlude


Hymn numbers are shown on the board in the front of the sanctuary. Extra hymn books are available in the pews if you would like to sing with us.



There will be several spoken prayers by brothers in our congregation during this morning’s service. The congregation usually stands for the opening and closing prayers, and sits while the prayers for the bread and wine are offered.



The breaking of bread service is the focal point of our meeting where the congregation quietly meditates on the meaning of what Christ has done on our behalf. The bread reminds us of the body of Christ, while the wine represents his blood shed for us on the cross.


Christadelphians believe that baptism by full immersion, after an understanding of basic Bible teaching, is an essential act of faith. We hope you will understand that we are able to offer the bread and wine only to those who have been baptized with the same understanding of the Bible.